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Cross-Promote or Not Cross-Promote Let’s Talk


The Reasons That You Wouldn’t Cross-Promote

The concept to cross-promote is nothing new. Cross-promotion can be a very effective marketing tool when done correctly. They have been used by businesses for a very long time. For example, a real-estate company may promote a certain lawyer to close a sale, as the lawyer will promote that agency in his firm.

These types of cross-promotions are not limited to just real estate, as any company will promote its own product or service in the presence of a competitor. For example, the grocery chain is known to promote its own products as it can to lure in customers.

The problem arises when an entrepreneur decides to cross-promote with an unprofitable product, product line, or service. This is when I start to worry about cross-promotion.

When you cross-promote with an unprofitable product line, the potential for failure increases exponentially. You see, most businesses cannot afford to lose money, yet sometimes they cross-promote with something that may not do them any good.

Here’s an example: You have a product and you want people to buy it. You might cross-promote with something that you offer to perform the function. This can be a very good option. But remember, you should never cross-promote with something that is not directly related to what you are offering.

It’s fine if someone offers to perform a service or give advice on your website, but in that case, you should probably just let them perform the task on your own website. In that case, you get the additional exposure that comes from them promoting it. However, they should not cross-promote your website and their own website. If they are going to perform a service or give advice for something they offer, they should perform it on your website. They should not cross-promote.

Cyber monday cross promote poster.
Cyber monday promotion poster.


As an entrepreneur, you need to avoid this. As much as possible, you should try to promote one product or service in your business. You must avoid unprofitable cross-promotion and it costs you more money.

What is interesting is that many entrepreneurs are aware of this problem because they cross-promote with their unprofitable product line. They cross-promote with something that may do them some good and they enjoy it. They enjoy being able to cross-promote and convince others that they are a viable business. They enjoy marketing, and the cross-promotion is good. Unfortunately, it is very easy to persuade people that you are a viable business when you are cross-promoting with something that may do you no good.

If you find yourself crossing promote with an unprofitable product, be careful because you are doing it without sufficient knowledge. The potential for failure is much greater for you if you cross-promote with something that may not do you any good.

Why will we never see MMA Cross Promotion?

So what you need to do is to avoid cross-promoting as much as possible. Make sure that what you are cross-promoting is something that you can do some good with. There is a difference between cross-promoting and product or service cross-promoting. For example, if you cross-promote with a customer service product without being good at customer service, you will be wasting your money and you may lose a customer.


by Steafon Perry



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