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21 Goal Ideas For 2021 That You Will Totally Enjoy Doing

Last Updated on January 31, 2021, by admin

Goal Setting 2021With the year coming to an end, I wanted to take the time to look at creating a few goal ideas for 2021 that I can work on to hopefully better my life.

I am all about setting achievable goals this year.

2020 was…

But 2021 should be better!

With the New Year, I want to be prepared mentally, physically, spiritually, and money-wise for anything that may come my way.

Do you plan on setting 2021 goals for yourself?

My goal this year although laid back is to really work on becoming fully financially independent to feel fulfilled.

If you do not already have my “Get It Together Planner“, then you need to get on it.

Here is what is included:

Calendars Daily Tasks and Plans Meal Planner Monthly Budget Planner To-Do Lists and So much more. If you want to stay organized then this cute planner is exactly what you need to rock 2021 & 2022!

It’s absolutely perfect for helping you get your goal ideas for 2021 in check and place.

Make you are also following the SMART goal recommendations when creating your ideal 2021 goals.

What is a SMART Goal? Goals are part of every aspect of business/life and provide a sense of direction, motivation, a clear focus of what you want to achieve, and clarifies the importance of the goal.

A SMART goal is used to help guide goal setting.

This means you are just not setting unreasonable goals.

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

SMART goals are:

Specific: Well defined, clear, and unambiguousMeasurable: With specific criteria that measure your progress toward the accomplishment of the goal achievable: Attainable and not impossible to achieve realistic: Within reach, realistic, and relevant to your life purposeTimely: With a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target date. The purpose is to create urgency. I recommend using this as a reference when setting your goals for 2021!

We are going to help you:

Set clear goals for 2021Suggest a few 2021 goals you can set. Give you examples of financial goals. sAnd much more I use this exact goal and money planner to not only plan career goals but helps with meeting financial goals and mapping out what needs to be done to move to the next level.

But if you are ready to set realistic 2021 goals, keep reading. But before we get started on goal ideas for 2021, we would love for you to like our growing Facebook page right here! Be sure to give us a quick follow on Instagram as well!

We also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we use Affiliate links on some of our blog posts. This means that we could make a commission if you click on an affiliate link and purchase something. Please check out our full disclaimer and policy page here.

Tips For Setting goals for 20212021 goal planning was fun for me this year.

This was partly because I wanted 2020 to just be over.

People that set goals are more likely going to achieve and meet their expectations.

Before setting any goals this year, it is important to stick to things that you actually want to work on.

For me, that was perfecting skills, living a better life, managing money better, and growing my business.

This will ensure that you set goals that you actually want to exceed.

So what are some good goals for 2021? Goals definitely vary from person to person.

For example, I talk a lot about finances on this blog and that’s because one of my goals is to become financially free.

And to work through those finances, I need to ensure I organize my finances accordingly so I know what I am dealing with.

I have also taken it upon myself to have a no-spend month every couple of months (using this no-spend challenge planner) and I have definitely created a spending plan that keeps my spending in check.

I would suggest grabbing your very own FREE spending tracker today to do the same.

Whatever you choose to set as a goal, just make sure you have a realistic plan to meet those goals.

Some goals can be big, some are small, some are working progress (so long-term goals) and others are short-term such as booking a private island that costs $6000.

So your goal, in this case, would be to save $6000.

This is absolutely achievable if you use my money-saving challenge guide.

These are just examples of 2021 goals.

You might not even have financial goals, maybe you are considering work goals for 2021.

Maybe it’s personal goals.

As long as you set some this year, you will feel more accomplished by the time the end of the year comes along.

Here are some goal ideas for 2021:Pay off your debt. Increase your income. Start a side hustle in 2021Start investing in Travel more. Spend more time with family Be more organizedLearn a second language. Buy a home. Focus on your health. Learn a new skill. These are just a few of the 2021 goal-setting ideas I suggest.

You can have more or less.

You might even have other suggestions.

21 Goals To Set For 2021

1. Support Black BusinessesAs a woman of color, 2021 was a really tough year especially for small businesses but specifically small black businesses.

I am all about support and buying local, but the majority of my goals for the year 2021 is to support black female entrepreneurs in any way I can.

I have made the conscious decision to check out and buy from black female entrepreneurs.

When I shop for clothes online. When I buy my makeup Even small local grocery stores owned by black peopleeBooks and courses will all be bought from black entrepreneurs Basically every time I shop now, I will find a black owned-business to support.

2. Skill Goals for 2021I have been learning so many amazing skills in 2021 so far.

And my goal for this year is to keep expanding on those skills.

As a blogger, I am always learning new skills which have also helped me develop my creative side.

For example, I took the time 2 years ago to learn SEO skills to improve my blog.

And now I am seriously getting the hang of it.

I also perfected and learned how to create amazing Pinterest Pins.

For this reason, I am now getting over 150, 000 page views a month from Pinterest.

You can use SkillShare to learn and perfect new skills.



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